The British Liver Trust (BLT), Director of Policy and Communications states in an interview with HCD Economics that the most important message from the results of the GAIN study is the growing burden of NASH and how urgent action is required to improve awareness and early diagnosis of the disease.

The interview was published in August 2020 in the new MEET OUR PARTNERS section on the HCD Economics website. ‘MEET OUR PARTNERS’ is intended to provide a voice for the patient community organisations that HCD Economics collaborate with on the socio-economic research, that is in development, underway or completed, in the disease areas currently being invested in.

Other interviews published by HCD Economics include IBD Relief, the Sickle Cell Society and the Huntington’s Disease Association.

The British Liver Trust is the only liver charity fighting liver disease on all fronts through support, information, campaigning and research. Their work is vital to increase awareness and influence change. The GAIN study is just published in JHEP Reports, a Journal published by the European Association for the Study of Liver Disease.

For more information on the HCD Economics research programme in NASH, please contact Alison Rose