HCD Economics undertakes research to gather evidence to inform and challenge healthcare policies to improve patient outcomes by collaborating with a diverse group of healthcare professionals drawn from academia, charities, patient advocates, clinicians and industry sponsors.

The team use peer reviewed methodology and rigour to collate real world evidence that can be interrogated to provide multi-faceted opportunities for continued, informed decision making.

Focusing on a select number of diseases, the company has a long-term commitment to collaborating with charities, advocates and medical experts, providing a depth of knowledge to advance patient health and support health equity. HCD Economics is academically credible and commercially paced.

Our brand values are:

  • Health equity        
  • Advancing knowledge
  • Collaborative
  • Rigorous
  • Focused


We draw upon primary or secondary real world data sources, depending on project needs and research questions, from ethically reviewed burden of illness studies to sourced disease registries and patient-level hospital records.

HCD Economics exists to deliver strategic advice and support to address HTA and health economic evidence needs for market access, pricing and reimbursement across UK, other key European markets and the US. This is achieved in collaboration with local and national health services, the pharmaceutical industry, and other organisations in order to inform and support healthcare decision-making.

HCD Economics is committed to the provision of evidence to underwrite commercial needs. Consequently we recruit and structure our staff to ensure investment in our research is valuable to our clients. The team has extensive experience of working with clients to understand and input to strategic decision making.

The real world evidence team is required to lead the project as part of the client team. In this capacity the team supports the client in engaging with the client side multi-disciplinary team to unlock the full potential of the research investment.

Our key services are

  • Evidence strategy and insight
  • Evidence review
  • Evidence generation and statistical analysis
  • Evidence dissemination


HCD Economics was established as a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in health economics, modelling, statistics, health services research, and systematic reviews. The multi-disciplinary nature of the team at HCD allows an appropriate mix of skills to be applied to an array of health challenges. HCD’s status as an academic consultancy company with close links to other academic groups and policy-makers to ensure the credibility and influence of its work, both within academic and health service communities.

HCD has created an alliance with the University of Chester, charities and health service sectors in response to the ever-growing demand for economic analysis within healthcare and specifically the need for health economics within the public and third sectors. 

Through these partnerships, HCD provides a unique insight and perspective, focusing our analyses on what matters to patients as well as decision-makers, all undertaken with academic rigour, independence and credibility.

HCD specialises in using primary and secondary sourced data, to evaluate and support value propositions for pharmaceutical and medical device companies.