Jamie O’Hara (CEO of HCD Economics) stated he is excited by the potential of real world evidence to enable and support patient advocacy. Jamie writes in the latest edition RARE REVOLUTION magazine, in the Thought Leader series. The article discusses the emergence of mechanisms to manage limited healthcare budgets, beginning from the late 1960s, when studies on efficiency and cost-effectiveness were stimulated. This led to a modified form of ‘rationing’ that was introduced through the use of economics, which attempted to redistribute the budget to areas with greater need.

Exploring work undertaken in the field of haemophilia, Jamie presents examples of study design, leading to a wealth of real world evidence that has becomes pivotal in the advocacy work undertaken by the patient community, including the leadership provided by the World Federation of Haemophilia.


To read the full article go to http://bit.ly/HCD-EvidenceAdvocacy


For more information on case studies demonstrating how real world evidence informs and supports patient advocacy – please contact Alison Rose at HCD Economics. Alison.rose@hcdeconomics.com